Frequently-asked questions about the new contract for foreign travel

Here you can find some frequently-asked questions about foreign travel.

1. From what date is it possible to book via UNIGLOBE? Is it there an obligation to use UNIGLOBE?

The starting date for UNIGLOBE is October 1, 2015. The university has held a European tender and UNIGLOBE was the winner. That means that all employees have to book their travel arrangements through UNIGLOBE.

It is obligatory to use the travel agent, but in some cases you can or have make your own arrangements, such as hotels which are offered in conjunction with conferences (where special deals have been arranged by the conference organisors), tickets for local public transport or air travel, (small) hotels which cannot be booked through the travel agent. It is not possible to list all the exceptions due to the great variety in travellers and destinations. that  If you are in doubt whether you can use other travel agents, contact the financial department of your faculty or department.

2. What is the web address of the portal and how do I get in touch with the travel agent?

UNIGLOBE (from October 1, 2015)

Travel portal

Travel Desk
Phone + 31 (0)10 241 20 43

3. What should I do if the travel agent is not able to book a specific flight?

First contact the Travel Desk. If, after consultation of the travel agent, it turns out that the specified flight cannot be booked through the travel agent, you are free to look for an alternative elsewhere. Please be aware of the fact that a few airlines are missing on the travel agent's website, but the travel agent can, in general, book these for you by request.

4. Which advantages are there when a staff member uses the travel agent?

  • There is no longer a need to charge your ticket costs since the travel agent is able to bill these costs (including bookings with low cost carriers) directly to the University; this means you do not have to advance your expenses. This also means that the administrative costs for the University will decrease substantially.

  • The possibility to collect data also means the possibility to negotiate reductions in ticket prices with the larger airlines.

  • The fixed fees for tickets are extremely low. 

  • By booking with the online tool you can create your own travel profile. This means that, when you are a frequent flyer, the tool remembers your details (passport, visa, seat specifics, special meals, frequent flyer number etc). If you book for other persons, you can create several travel profiles for the persons you book flights for.

5. How can I book for a guest?

The same way you book for yourself (username, SAP-number), only you have to fill in the guest’s personal details and passport number, so that a ticket can be issued. After the booking is complete, you can forward the reservation and ticket details to the traveller via email.

6. How can I specify which SAP-number should be used or when two or more SAP numbers are needed for the ticket?

For a standard booking there is a field (SAP number) on the electronic form for SAP numbers. If there is a need to divide or spread the expense over different numbers you can use the note to agent field. There you can indicate the way the expenses need to be divided (for instance 50/20/30 etc). The Financial Shared Service Centre of the University will book the costs accordingly. Any mistakes in SAP numbers can be corrected when the invoice is received by the University.

7. Is it possible to book for a third party such as a partner?

Yes, that is possible. It depends on the rules of the Faculty or unit how expenses will be charged: either on a University account (SAP number) or on a private credit card. Both options are available in the online booking tool.

8. Is it possible to specify when part of the expenses should by charged to a private account?

Yes, that is possible. See also under 8. It is not possible to charge a third party directly (other than yourself). So you need to charge your credit card.

9. Is it possible to customize travel, for instance a specific seat if extra space is needed for legroom?

In your profile you can specify your (extra) needs: seat, legroom, special food etc. Feel free to contact the travel agent directly if you have these special requests.

10. In which cases should I contact the travel agent directly instead of booking the ticket myself through the online booking system?

You can always contact the travel agent directly if you have questions or if you want personal advice. In case you want to book a round trip, or tickets for a group of people, or in case of any other complicated bookings, you should always contact the travel agent directly (contact information can be found under 2).

In the UNIGLOBE booking tool there is the possibility of putting the ticket in option. The ticket can then be checked and if necessary changed by UNIGLOBE, without incurring changing costs. You will get a notification when the option is about to expire.

11. What extra services does the travel agent offer apart from flight tickets?

  • Seat reservations / Comfort Class reservations

  • Hotel bookings on voucher (no payment on site thus no declaration)

  • Car rental on voucher (no payment on site thus no declaration)

  • Ferry

  • International trains

  • Transfers to and from the Airport (Schipholtaxi)

  • Organizing events, group- and incentive travel

  • Organizing meetings at home and abroad (UNIGLOBE has developed a registration tool in which the participants of a group can register themselves online for several activities such as group travel, events, meetings and training).

  • Handling compensation for delays / cancellations

  • Visa

  • Track and trace service (where are travellers)

12. Where can I enter the SAP number when I use UNIGLOBE Online?

The SAP number should be entered in the SAP number field.

13. How can I book a flight with a budget carrier without using my own credit card?

UNIGLOBE has arranged that low-cost flights may be charged to your SAP number by means of a so-called virtual credit card, instead of you own credit card. After selecting your budget flight you can select the virtual credit card or your own:

  • AirPlus LOWCOST: this is a virtual card, owned by the university. The charges are booked on a university account (SAP number) and are billed conform the agreement between UNIGLOBE and the university.

  • Credit Card: this is your personal card. All costs will be billed to you privately.

14. Can I find the travel agent on Facebook and/or Twitter?

UNIGLOBE has a Facebook account.

15. Is it obligatory to book hotels, rental cars and so on via the travel agent?

It is not obligatory to book these services via the travel agent. In a lot of cases it will be practical and all the costs of the trip are on one bill. Any cancellations will be easier too, because everything is booked on one order number.

16. Can I reserve a airplane seat?

In most cases for intercontinental flights you can reserve an airplane seat via travel agent's Travel Desk as well as via the online booking tool. On European flights it is not always possible to reserve a seat. Picking a seat can be done from thirty hours before departure (depending on the airline). In any case this doesn’t mean your seat reservation is guaranteed as the airline always has the right to change the seating up until the time of boarding. You can also save your travel preferences (seating, extra legroom, meals) in your travel profile, so it applies to all your off-line bookings.

17. How do I know for certain that I will get the best price from the travel agent and how does the travel agent calculate the prices?

The travel agent uses the same booking system as any other (online) travel agency, but the prices are not always comparable, as the other travel agencies or budget carriers have "hidden" costs which are only shown when finalizing the booking (administration costs, luggage costs, credit-card costs, extra fees, etc.),  so it is possible that a headline tariff of a other travel agent or budget carrier might appear cheaper than the ATP or UNIGLOBE tariff. Another thing to consider is that the price of an airline ticket can change at any time. Usually the ticket price increases when the travel date comes closer. A delay in booking can increase the air fare.

Furthermore UNIGLOBE has offices in over 80 countries worldwide and therefore UNIGLOBE’s Travel Desk has access to these fares. These fares can not be booked via the UNIGLOBE E-Travel Tool and we therefore advise to contact UNIGLOBE’s Travel Desk.

UNIGLOBE always tries to find the best possible fares, so if you have found a better fare then offered please contact UNIGLOBE.

18. Can I book a direct flight or do I have to book an indirect flight when it is cheaper?

There is no policy of the university which proscribes the one or the other. The usually higher costs of a direct flight must be balanced against the inconvenience of the non-direct flight. When in doubt, consult your budget holder.

19. Can I travel to high-risk areas?

If you plan to travel to an area where there are safety risks the university has adopted the Guidelines for Business Travel to High-Risk Areas.

When travelling to high-risk areas (colour code orange), prior approval from the mandate holder is required. No approval will be granted for work-related travel to regions designated as colour code red

You can find the latest information and forms here.

20. Can I have a dedicated contact on the UNIGLOBE Travel Desk?

Every Travel Desk employee has access to the same information about your bookings and trips. If you do want to speak to a specific employee, you can ask for that.

21. What is the response time when I contact the travel agent?

Simple questions must be answered within four hours, complicated questions can take a working day. In any case you should receive an answer within a working day. It is possible that a question or a request remains unanswered my mistake, the best is to call the travel agent if an answer isn’t received within one working day.

22. Is it possible to take out a travel insurance?

The university has a collective travel insurance, but no cancellation insurance. For more information and the terms and conditions of the university's travel insurance, see this page.

23. Is there a maximum amount for travel expenses?

University staff can declare their foreign travel costs, but only to a certain maximum amount. The maximum amount differs from country to country or parts or cities within a country. The university uses the list set by central government. You can find the list by clicking on the PDF link Tarieflijst: Logies en overige kosten buitenlandse dienstreis at the bottom of this page. The first column lists the maximum amount for staying, the second column has the amount for other costs. The amounts are in euros and per day. 

If you use UNIGLOBE, you can book foreign travel arrangements in excess of the amounts mentioned on the list. If you do so, UNIGLOBE will inform you that you will have to pay for it yourself and that the university cannot be charged for the extra costs, not even on project budgets.

24. What should I do if I book for groups?

If you book a trip for a group of ten or more, you need to contact the Travel Desk. Airline companies can refuse passengers of a group if they are not booked as a group. Also it has the advantage that the reservation can be easily changed for the entire group and it will ensure that the group stays together.

25. What should I do with the duplicate invoice I receive from UNIGLOBE after booking a trip?

After booking a trip, UNIGLOBE will sent you a duplicate invoice. This is for administrative purposes only. Do not sent the duplicate invoice to the finance department (FSSC). FSSC will sent you the real invoice through Self Service and you can use the duplicate invoice to check it.

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