Procedure for booking (international) business trips

How to get an account with the travel agent and how to book a trip.

1. Authorized booker

The first step is get authorisation to book trips. It is the faculty/institute/unit that decides who will be authorized. The rules vary, some faculties authorise everybody, some restrict it to for example secretaries and management assistents. Only those bookers who are approved by their faculty may/can ultimately book through UNIGLOBE. You must apply for authorisation within your faculty/department, they will sent a message to the Procurement Department and they will forward your name and email address to UNIGLOBE.

2. Create an account

Your faculty or unit first has to send your name and university e-mail address to the procurement department (Universitaire Inkoop), and it passes them on to UNIGLOBE. When you are registered with UNIGLOBE you can book trips via the Travel Desk or you can create an account which will give you access to the UNIGLOBE online booking tool. An UNIGLOBE account can be made via the UNIGLOBE Travel Portal. The account details are personal and should be kept secure as it gives access to the booking tool.

3. Book a trip

You can only book a trip if you can provide a SAP number or a (personal) credit card. If you are not sure which SAP number to use, contact the faculty or unit account department. After booking you will receive a duplicate invoice. This is for the administrative purposes only. You don't have to send the duplicate invoice to the finance department (FSSC).  

4. Invoice and expense account

If you have used a SAP number, UNIGLOBE will send the invoice to the university. The Financial Shared Service Center (FSSC) will handle the invoice and will charge the SAP number (after authorisation) for the expenses occurred. So for the expenses charged on a SAP number there is no need to ask for an advance or to claim expenses afterwards. Only when you paid with a personal credit card and the expenses can be (partly) charged on the university, you will have to submit your expense form in the usual manner. On the FSSC web page you will find the declaratieformulieren (claims forms).

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